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Clearsat DSTV Installations

We are there to give you good services that will last longer.

We are a preferred professional DSTV company with motivated and highly trained installers.
Installations in and around Cape Town.

We Supply, install and set upyour new DSTV satellite dish, decoder and HD TV using our specialised equipment.
The correct positioning is crucial and we have the knowledge... Read More

Global Kinetic

Global Kinetic was formed by Martin Dippenaar in 2005. With more than 15 years average development experience per developer; we have sensible, experienced and disciplined developers that understand what it takes to produce a quality product.

Global Kinetic is adept at developing highly scalable, high performance enterprise level systems using a variety of... Read More


Dataswift we use the latest software development tools from Microsoft, ASP.NET technology is used in our software design.

We have been perfecting our software design for over 10 years, with a focus on rapid and robust software development, using ASP.NET technology. By designing a reusable software platform new projects are built on top of the success of previous projects.

Our... Read More

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Data Swift Software

DataSwift is a software development company in Cape Town, South Africa.

Being a Software development company means we can create the software that you want.

We have been perfecting our software design for over 10 years, focusing on rapid and robust software development. With our expertise we can offer affordable software to solve your problems and organise your information.

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021 843 3824
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