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Cape Town Tv

Cape Town TV - known as CTV - is a non-profit, community-based television station aimed at the greater Cape Town metropolitan area. Founded by over 200 non-profit organisations in 2006, CTV is committed to providing community access to the powerful medium of television as a tool to promote human rights, social justice and community cultural development.

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Zootee Studios is a vibrant camera equipment and photographic studio rental/ hire company based in Cape Town. Our inventory includes cameras such as the RED EPIC, Sony NEX-FS700, Sony NEX-FS100, Sony PMW-EX3 and... Read More

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Our values are Conversations and Partnerships; Restoration of human dignity and Building a common future. 

The main object of the Corporation is to supply broadcasting and information services and services that are ancillary thereto, to the general public in the... Read More

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