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Our team of professionals takes pride in helping people to become happier, healthier, more successful, productive and equipped to deal with all life challenges they encounter.

We are the answer to all your individual and corporate needs.

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Cape Media

This division of Cape Media Corporation offers numerous bespoke publishing solutions to fulfil most if not all the publishing needs of our clients. From publishing a Cocktail Guide for DGB to a quarterly magazine for MICT Seta, we can do it all. Our most notable achievement in this field is managing the production and publishing needs of the South African Medical Association for the past 7... Read More
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UK Visas

About Us:

If you want to visit UK from South Africa, you will have to give attention to your visa. Based on the purpose of your visa, you will have to apply accordingly. If you are going for work, there are again variations in the work visas that you get. Apart from work visas, there are family visas, entrepreneur visas student visas, visitor visas and many more. Each of these visas... Read More

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Lifestyle Emporium

Lifestyle Emporium is a true one stop shop, for the mind, body and the soul. Our dynamic team of experts combined with premium branded products, using the most up-to-date techniques and technology, will transform your entire being from amazing to fabulous, all under one roof. We offer everything from hair, perfectly manicured nails to a beautiful skin and a perfectly sculptured body in... Read More

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