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The evolution of this site came about as a result of frustration. How often have we looked and searched the internet, for a particular service provider, yet can not find what we are looking for and have to wade through pages of irrelevant and dud links. Little do we as a internet users, realize how ineffectual and unreliable search engines are at providing the information that we may be looking for at any time. This is dealt with in detail, in an article on "How to search the internet".

At least in the case of the South African Automotive Industry, we now provide the most comprehensive single source of links, specifically devoted to the industry and arranged by the type of service being provided.

Products and Services


  • Finance and Insurance
  • Hire - Cars, Limos, 4 x 4
  • Info, News, Clubs & Forums
  • Motor Sport
  • New & Used Vehicles
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Performance Parts & Services
  • Repair & Special Services
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Security & Tracking
  • Trade Info and services
  • Wholesalers & Trade Suppliers

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