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About Us

The ClareMart Auction Group was established in 1976 and has grown into one of the foremost auction houses on the South African sub-continent. The company, under the leadership of Jonathan Smiedt has a proud tradition of service excellence and an enviable reputation within the South African auction marketplace.

As a proudly South African company, ClareMart has since inception been an innovative and profitable concern. Much of its success has been based on its long history, experience and definitive insights it has gained whilst operating in an industry that has grown exponentially. ClareMart Auction Group is thus also a leader in the industry and has innovated most of the formats and practices seen in today’s auction arena.

In 2009, ClareMart Auction Group was awarded 1st place in the Top 500 Best Managed Companies Awards and have been nominated as one of the top 5 auctioneering companies in South Africa for the past 4 years. With its head office in Cape Town, ClareMart is able to offer top-of-the-line auctioneering services throughout Southern Africa. It has also built a credible base of contacts within the international property market and auctioneering environment, confirming its leadership in the industry.

Claremart's mission as a leader in it's field is to add value by uniting seller and buyer through the careful and ethical application of the auction Principle - One of the oldest forms of trade and barter. We strive to offer satisfaction to both the seller and the buyer through an approach that encompasses the values and principles of auctioneers of old, whilst embracing the appropriate technology available in a Modern Business Environment. Our professionalism is based on the cornerstones of teamwork and the application of expertise and knowledge gained through experience. Our integrity, service and expertise form the foundation on which we conduct business.

Claremart has five highly skilled auctioneers and, together with their highly trained supporting staff, can deal with auctions of every size ranging from motor vehicles, plant and machinery, large hotels, commercial and industrial properties, farms and residential properties. Their combined experience extends to in excess of 80 years. Our auctioneers are regarded as being among the best in the country and have a results-driven approach to auctions. Our auctioneers are supported by administrative and other support staff all trained in the administration and preparation of auctions and are highly proficient in dealing with prospective purchasers and members.

Jonathan Smiedt, Founder and CEO of the ClareMart Auction Group, obtained his Baccalaureus Procurationis. After which he was admitted to the Side Bar and practiced law in Cape Town.
After his tenure at this law practice, he chose to leave the legal profession and together with a partner formed the ClareMart Auction Group.

Products and Services

The ClareMart Auction Group frequently conducts individual auctions when properties will benefit more from being showcased on an individual platform. Our experienced team will assess and advise you as to which process will be most suited to your property. A dedicated advertising and publicity campaign ensures that these auctions continue to attract large crowds.

ClareMart Auction Group is the pioneer of the multiple auction process and since the early eighties have conducted these multiple auctions with unparalleled success. Our unique presentation style, incorporating video footage, big screen power point presentations, live video, both internally and from other locations if required, as well as a full telephonic commission bid process on hand, is unmatched by any other auctioneer.

The Flash Auction portfolio includes residential, forced and distress sales and is ideal for investors wishing to build buy-to-let portfolios. Individual home buyers are also catered for and a 2% deposit instead of the standard 5% deposit is required to secure bids. Our attendances are unequalled and we regularly exceed our own attendance records for multiple auctions. The portfolio of properties we represent at these multiple auctions are carefully selected by our expert sales team, who will advise you as to the most suitable auction method for your property.

ClareMart Auction Group conducts private boardroom auctions for clients wanting to dispose of both movable and immovable assets. These auctions are normally attended by only pre-qualified bidders.

Conducting auctions as fundraising events for charitable causes is not only a way of assisting charities to reach their financial goals, but also an excellent platform for educating the audience on how an auction works. ClareMart Auction Group realises the importance of giving back to the public that has supported us for decades. By donating their time and skills, our leading auctioneers add the unmistakable energy and entertainment value of an auction to a charitable event. We are requested to conduct numerous charity auctions each year as part of our social responsibility commitments. ClareMart Auction Group have been favoured with instructions to sell a broad spectrum of properties and assets.


Deposits  and auctioneers commission are payable on the fall of the hammer. The ClareMart Auction Group will only accept bank guaranteed cheques and electronic transfers. The balance is payable on transfer.

Serving on the panels of major financial institutions and liquidation companies, the ClareMart Auction Group is respected as experts in the sale of movable property. As a trusted auction house, ClareMart Auction Group, acting on behalf of some of the country’s largest financial institutions, has been responsible for the disposal of repossessed and used motor vehicles for over 10 years. This reputation has prompted private sellers and collectors to use our specialised services.

ClareMart Auction Group also represents sellers and investors in the international market, regularly conducting auctions beyond the country’s borders. Our highly skilled team has in-depth knowledge of the market, with specialist experience in all types of auctions.

Contact Number

+27 (0) 21 425 8822
+27 (0) 72 040 7274



Claremart House
49 Somerset Road,
Green Point
Cape Town