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About Us

Claw Business is all about growth, whether its your bank account or brand you are looking to grow we can show you a return by keeping our focus on the most important aspect of your business, PROFIT.

We ensure business growth through continuous marketing and sales consultation encompassing website and online media assistance to new and existing companies.

We send out a team of specialist marketing consultants who will analyse your requirements according to your objectives and goals.Thereafter together we put a plan of action in place. This will include networking, lead generation, advertising and negotiation strategies.

Our team has helped 1000′s of businesses see a return on there investments over the years, and there’s only 1 way you stay on top of the game as we do and thats by showing results. Pick up the phone and let us show you some.

If you want jewellery go to a jeweller, if you want profit come to Claw.


Products and Services

Websites are an absolute must for any business in this day and age and choosing the right developer even more so. Like you office its of no use having the prettiest office unless there’s business coming in the front door. At claw we understand these 2 aspects and take them into consideration with every site we develop.

Websites have specific needs and by choosing the correct sequence of components we often save valuable resources and increase usage.



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021 421 4445



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7 Anton Anreith Arcade
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