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A Complete Driving Experience

Everyone is welcome ! A Cape Town based operator offering driver training and online learner training. The instructors at our school have a great total of teaching experience and are all accurately aware of the qualities that makes a competent driver. We are well known in Cape Town and are dedicated to the highest quality of training delivered to all students . Recommendations from satisfied clients are the reason we continue to receive so many inquiries  each day.


Learners Licence

Being a good driver is about more than handling a car . You also need to know what road signs mean , what makes for good road etiquette and how to anticipate dangers before they happen. This is why the learners test is designed, to help keep you and others safe . Use our learners classes and online test to pass your learners licence the first time . Our test material has been compiled from our years of experience and all of the questions in the actual test are inside of DriveCo's online test . If you pass our online test you will pass the actual test and ensure your knowledge of the road . Enjoy your experience and Good Luck ! 


Driving Lessons

Whatever the reason for learning to drive or previous level of driving experience , at DriveCo we will ensure that your end result is a confident driver who is able to read the road. We are a registered driving school with certified instructors , we also regularly conduct internal training with our instructors. Our team is geared up and committed to training safe road users.



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