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About Us

Good Hope Training School was founded in 1929, with classes first being conducted in the Salt River Seventh-day Adventist Church, just outside of Cape Town. Its first principal was Ms Vicky Sutherland. In April 1930, the school was moved to its own home on a farm, called Riverside, a few kilometres down the road from Athlone station. 

The school, ranging from Grade 1 through to Teacher and Ministerial Training, grew to where, in the mid-1950’s, Pastor CC Marias began dreaming of a “Greater Good Hope” that would be located in the rural farmlands of the Cape. 
This resulted in Good Hope Training School moving to the farm, Vorentoe, in Kuils River at the beginning of 1963. Its first principal was Ps G Coetzee. The school started with just over 90 pupils, ranging from Grade 5 through to the Teacher and Ministerial diploma programmes. 
The School, with its farm, slowly expanded to where the enrolment grew to well over 300 students, with many of them travelling from Durban, Johannesburg, East London, Port Elizabeth and further afield to obtain a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education. 
Initially consisting of a four-classroom double story block, the current boy’s dorm, the dining room with the two adjoining worship rooms, the plant expanded rapidly:

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