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About Us

Jenny le Roux has always had a passion for fashion.  She started her career with a 15-year stint as an Editor in the fashion department for the South African glossy mag Fairlady. With Jane Raphaely at the helm, she was given carte blanche – a great place to learn.

“I could never find anything I wanted to wear,” says Jenny “so next step, open my own store”. So in 1986 Habits opened its doors, making the sort of clothes she liked. She does  import a few exclusive ranges from abroad, but Habits seriously believes in what they call “Mostly Made in Cape Town”.  Jenny is proud of her factory, “Not easy” she says, “but well worth it.”

In 2012 she was nagged into starting a “Made to Order” service, let’s face it, we all love bespoke.

Jenny has been on more shows that she can remember. “I love them” she says. Adrenalin keeps her going. She’s pretty cool about her numerous awards and knows that you are only as good as your last show.

In 2002 she bravely leapt into the wonderful world of cyberspace. Habits was the first online clothing store in South Africa and it is now a thriving part of the business. Jenny was thrilled to get the Prix D’Excellence De La Mode for Best Online Retailer of 2010.

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