MDM Couriers

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About Us

MDM Couriers is one of South Africa's leading courier and logistics companies based in Cape Town, South Africa.

MDM Couriers services the whole of South Africa and will establish distribution hubs in all major cities.  Its leading distribution hub is located in Parow, Cape Town.  Together with our partners (third parties) MDM Couriers provides an international solution to its clients, offering access to 200 countries across the globe.

MDM Couriers  has built its business on being honest, affordable, quick, smart and reliable.  This is  our creed  by which the company does business on a daily basis.  MDM Couriers is committed to constant innovation in order to deliver an exceptional service to its clients.  

Technological solutions are designed to support clients in tracking and tracing shipments and introducing efficient billing processes for clients

Products and Services



Overnight Express Airfreight

This service allows you to send an item anywhere in South Africa with delivery by 10h30 the following business day. Available between major centers and within a 40km radius of the major center.  Regional areas are subject to a 1 – 4 day delivery time based on their remoteness.



Collections and /or deliveries within a township is an extremely deferred region.


Economy Airfreight

Delivery within two business days to a major centre from date of collection.  Regional areas will be delivered within 2 to 4 business days depending on remoteness of area.


Same Day Express Service

This service allows you to send an item anywhere in South Africa on the same day as collection.

for same day deliveries between major centres, we rely on flight availability from local airlines.  The parcel will be delivered within 3 (three) hours of the flight landing.

For In-City same day deliveries, we would make use of a third party   who can facilitate your deliveries within a two to three hours.


Embassies & Consulate Services

This service facilitates all collections and deliveries to and from embassies and consulates.


International Services


International Documents Express

The  International Documents Express service is designed for sending important items which weigh less than 5kg anywhere in the world.  It facilitates the door-to-door delivery of non-declarable outbound shipments internationally.  These shipments do not require an Origin and Value Declaration at Customs.


International Parcels Express

The International Parcels Express service is designed for sending important items anywhere in the world.  These shipments will require a Performa or commercial invoice and other related paperwork based on their value, destination and commodity. This service should be used for shipments weighing 30kg or less..

Contact Number

084 580 3239