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Mediaweb was originally established by journalists Barry Tyson, Hugo Ripley and Doug Green in 2002. Even during the more premature years of the local internet, they had a vision to provide South African editors, journalists, newsrooms and freelancers with a free industry resource that covered journalism news, local news, events, courses and freelance jobs. Mediaweb has enjoyed extensive coverage of its content, used and shared by journalists across South Africa, with many of the stories that we have distributed reaching front page status in the South African dailies, while others have secured coverage from international newsrooms, including Sky News, BBC, CNN, The Scotsman and more.

Under new direction through Managing Director Dean McCoubrey from 2013, Mediaweb is seeking to build upon its foundation as a leading media resource to become South Africa's number one trusted hub for journalists - focusing on journalist development, and meeting the demand for education around the latest innovations, technology, apps and digital resources. Given the pressure on journalists in this economy, there's a demand for exposure, education and shortcuts to better journalism

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