Mobile Locksmith Services

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About Us

YOUR PROFESSIONAL AND FRIENDLY MOBILE LOCKSMITH SPECIALISING IN: Opening of cars, locks supplied and installed on order, Opening of houses, and supply and install house locks, Provide alternative security suggestions and Free telephonic advice
Your safety and security is my number one priority. Whether for the car or your home I am proud to be your Locksmith.

Products and Services

Opening of Cars:

If you find yourself locked out of your car and you have to get a Locksmith to open it for you then you can call me any time of the day 24/7 emergency. You will not only get a quick response but also excellent and professional service. In the case of your locks being damaged because of an attempt theft or break-in, I can assist in supplying and fitting of new locks, or, extend my services to free telephonic advice, in the case of newer models where chipped keys are needed.


Opening of Houses/homes:

If you find yourself locked out of your home you have to get a Locksmith to open it for you and again you can call me 24/7. You will get quick response because your safety is my priority. Often I am called out to install new locks due to burglaries or attempted break-ins, and this is done immediately on your request to secure your propert

For emergencies make sure to keep my number handy because if you are looking for this service I will only be a phonecall away.



Contact Number

083 662 1246