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About Us

Ogilvy Public Relations South Africa believe that the future is bright, and that PR as a discipline will continue to grow.

Ogilvy Public Relations SA operates at the meeting point of influencer management, behaviour change and narrative. This is so that we create, improve and expand brand favourability and reputation. Ogilvy Public Relations do this through a thorough understanding of how consumers form opinions and the social forces that influence their behavior. We believe that public relations is most effective when masterfully crafted stories are grounded in social science.

Ogilvy Public Relations is the most global of all large PR networks. Unlike most public relations agencies, Ogilvy PR merge its work with the other Ogilvy & Mather disciplines from the beginning. This ensures alignment and a thorough understanding of the brand in question, its ambition and its challenges. It also allows us to utilize shared research and knowledge.

Ogilvy Public Relations SA assists its clients to move beyond old corporate communications into new and effective forms of engagement. Ogilvy PR create the right content for the right audience segment at the right time, in traditional and social media/digital media. We believe that an effective PR agency will  tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Ogilvy Public Relations will give you smart advice which will beneift your brand’s image and your company’s bottom line.

We’re always looking for good people to join our burgeoning PR teams, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, check out the ‘careers’ tab. Conversely, if you want us to work for you – or if you’d like to pick our brains on what we could do for your brand – give us a call. We promise to blow you away.

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