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About Us

Pinehurst's mission is to provide an environment which enables children to develop so that they might realise their potential, through the provision of a balanced and varied curriculum.

We strive to create numerous opportunities to enrich our children's education in the following spheres:

  • Academic
  • Cultural
  • Sporting
  • Spiritual
  • Social

We are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards in all areas of achievement. Each aspect is seen as integral to the whole development of the child. Much emphasis is laid on sound values, self-discipline, respect for others and the promotion of a caring community, as the child is seen as developing all other spheres within a social context.

It is our aim to develop children, who are happy, skilled, self-confident, responsible, creative thinkers, who will one day be equipped as adults to go out into the world and make a meaningful contribution to society. This is epitomised by our school motto, "Discemus ut servemus", which means, "We learn so that we might serve".

Contact Number

021 531 2783


Stellenberg Road