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About Us


We encourage parents/guardians to stay and either join in or watch their little ones play. Refreshments can be ordered from our Flying Saucer Cafe and we have a large range of magazines to browse through. However should you need time off: we offer a drop off facility. Please arrange with us (limited availability).


The walls and woodwork are painted with non-harmful paint products from EnviroTouch, all our wooden structures are CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) free and we recycle all of our used tins, bottles,  boxes and Polystyrene (for this we accept drop offs from the public as well ).

Inclusive Play

Planet Kids welcomes kids of all abilities. Through play, we hope to narrow the gap that exists between children of differing abilities and needs. We are offering the opportunity to meet and play for all children, including children with disabilities. Read more about this concept here.

-Jumping castles complete with climbing walls and aliens

-Area for the Astronautees (under 3s)

-Work room for workshops and parent meetings

-Intergalactic ball wall

-Fun ramps with a space slide

-Spacecabs and spaceboards

-Outside area with a Fuffy Slide and Dream Swing

-Indoor and outdoor seating--

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021 788 3070



3 Wherry Road,