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About Us


Welcome to SWAT Online.

Gone are the days where well financed businesses ruled the market through print, radio and TV.

Today, thanks to the internet, everyone is equal in the eyes of marketing, creativity and business.

It is all how about how well you play the game.

Put a brand identity to your name, set up your website, get on social media, get your database ready, prepare your strategy and partner with the digital agency that is streetwise, reliable, capable to more than you would of bargained for.

We are more than just an agency. We are passionate business professionals that possess the acumen for good business and creative strategy mixed with on point reliance and disciplined time management while always making sure we have fun when we focus on the only thing that matters; bringing our clients the bottom-line.

Sales is the bottom-line.

We deal with everything digital.


From corporate branding, web design, web development to campaign conceptualization, content generation, strategy, SEO, Google ADWords, VOIP, Mobile APP Development and more - at SWAT Online, if you need something in the clouds, we have got it all.

Products and Services

Corporate Branding - Logo, templates, typography, business documents, business cards, presentations, corporate identity portfolio.

Digital Strategy - Corporate communcations, Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Google ADWords, PPC

Web design 

Web development 

Content generation 

Adverts - Online and Print 

Mobile APP developmet 


Contact Number

021 1100442




18 Lower Burg Street, Cape Town