Van Schaik

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About Us

Our vision:

Africa's preferred academic resource supplier.

Our mission: 

Supply of academic resources to all students in Africa via retail stores and digital channels, by utilizing our expert knowledge and well developed infrastructure to deliver outstanding service.


Our values: 

Respect, Informed, Excellence, Creativity and Integrity.

\What do we offer?

Availability and Service:

Van Schaik Bookstore is the leading and preferred supplier of academic, trade and reference textbooks. With 53 stores, an online store -, a library division and a store in Namibia, our service is accessible to students as well as lecturers nationwide.

Service to lecturers:

The lecturer decides on a book that might be suitable as prescribed title for students. He or she supplies us with details such as the title, author, ISBN, quantity of books required and delivery date. Our task is to source and order the book in the most cost-effective manner. All aspects will be confirmed with the lecturer before finalising the order and we ensure that the book will be available at the store. Contact your nearest store.

Service to students:

The bookstore presents students with well-trained and experienced staff to assist with all their prescribed textbooks. Our stores are based on or within walking distance from academic institutions. We have an account system that assists both parent and student with the book buying process during the year. During the year we give students the opportunity to buy books and win fabulous prizes during semester promotions and competitions.

Direct sales:

Van Schaik Bookstore also introduced a direct sales channel to give the company the ability to canvass for sales outside the confines of the traditional contact campuses. Our Direct Sales Consultants are based in nominated bookstores. Contact your local consultant.


Corporate Social Investment:

Van Schaik Bookstore is committed to invest in its community and to be a responsible corporate citizen. The key focus area of Van Schaik Bookstore's Corporate Social Investment programme is education and literacy. The company invests and supports institutions, organizations and communities with projects and programmes that contribute to the said areas. In the past Van Schaik supported organizations such as Love Life, Let's Fix It, CAFDA (Cape Flats Development Association), SHAWCO (Students' Health and Welfare Centres Organisation) and various educational institutions.

Contact Number

+27 12 366 - 5400
+27 12 366-5400